Kember's Gluten Free
Address: 14417 NE 7 th Ave Vancouver, WA, 98685
Phone: 360-909-8775
About Us
Giving only our best. Always.
- High quality, non-GMO ingredients.
- Dedicated and certified gluten free facility.
- Testing for gluten at less than 10 ppm.
- Special Formulation to cover a multitude of allergens.
With four children, three of whom have multiple life-threatening allergies and as the cook in the family, my biggest goal became safely feeding my family. Sharing the resources, the foods and recipes that were making it easier to eat an allergy friendly diet became my passion – and my family depended on it. With this in mind I also co-founded an allergy support group, Food Free Fun for Everyone and Vancouver Allergy Awareness Network. I enjoy supporting people in the food allergy community through different restrictive diets.
Joanne Smith…Kember’s Gluten Free