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Harvest Moon
Contact: Justin & Randi White
Address: 3314 NE 259th St Ridgefield, WA, 98642
Phone: 360-253-7586
About Us
Harvest Moon is a small, family owned and operated farm in Ridgefield, Washington, growing leafy greens, various herbs, and microgreens hydroponically. We enjoy the tranquility of growing produce in a greenhouse and take great pleasure in providing our neighbors with sustainably-grown and highly nutritious food. Hydroponically-grown crops use 90% less water than those traditionally grown and offer the opportunity to provide “living” produce – lettuce and herbs still attached to their roots so they last longer. Buying locally-grown salad means fresher food on your table, and you’re supporting a small family in your community through your purchase of Harvest Moon produce.
Salad greens and most herbs are seeded in propagation trays where they germinate and sprout over a 2-week period. Seedlings are then moved to hydroponic trays where constantly running water nourishes the roots with organic nutrients until they reach harvestable maturity. Microgreens and sprouts are seeded in a growing medium and are ready to harvest within 10-14 days.