Garden Delights Herb Farm
Contact: Erin Harwood & Eloyce O’Connor
Address: 15417 NE Parkinen Rd. Brush Prairie, WA, 98606
Phone: 360-892-4479
About Us
Garden Delights Herb Farm is located on 5 acres in Brush Prairie, where we grow about 100 different herbs. We offer live plants, a variety of value added products made from the herbs and classes to encourage knowledge and use of herbs. We have been in business for over 15 years.
We follow organic growing practices. We use organic potting soil and farm-made compost to start seeds and propagate plants. We avoid the use of pesticides and herbicides except in rare cases and then we use OMRI approved products. Plants are grown from seed we collect or from starts from our plants. Value added products for human use are made in a certified kitchen on the farm.