Harvest of Peace Microgreens
Address: 8703 NE 339th St. LaCenter, WA, 98629
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About Us
Harvest of Peace Microgreens, LLC is a one-woman owned and operated farm in north Clark County. We specialize in microgreens but are expanding farm offerings to include herbs, salad mixes and edible flowers with a small assortment of fruits, veggies and handmade organic skin care! Microgreens are grown to order so please allow two weeks for delivery, especially for large orders.
All microgreens and some baby greens are grown in a climate controlled "micro mansion" using certified organic seeds and OMRI listed soils. All farm crops grown indoor or out, are pampered using methods that meet or exceed USDA organic standards. We are a certified Clark County Green Business. Please reuse and recycle that plastic bag then compost the rest! More information on recycling and composting in Clark County can be found at