Vance Family Soy Candles
Contact: Amy Vance
Address: 11514 NE 65th Ave. Vancouver, WA, 98685
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About Us
I started making candles due to my need/want for a sustainable candle that has no synthetic fragrance, no petroleum, and supports local farms. I use only essential oils and plant extracts to scent my candles in a non-GMO vegetable oil base. Many of the oils come from local, sustainable, farms. The wicks are low smoke cotton/recycled paper, the labels are recycled paper from a local business, and the containers are all made in the USA. I am a certified green business with Clark County Green Business and Green America.
I firmly believe in reduce, re-use, and recycle and this is implemented in my manufacturing and shipping. I pay my employees above living wage and give back to those in need whenever possible. Thank you for your support and for making the world a better place!